The Cape


Conjuring memories of the coast and childhood holidays, The Cape exudes a sense of freedom. In perfect harmony with the environment, residents enjoy absolute beachfronts, breath-taking views and modern creature comforts.

Australia’s first truly sustainable residential project, The Cape is offering 219 home sites, of which 32 are currently for sale in Stage 1. Sites range from 440 to 730sqm in area. In collaboration with architects and builders who share the same vision, ten house designs have been created exclusively for The Cape. Choose one of these designs, or design your own.

More than half of The Cape project is dedicated to open space, where walking and cycling tracks meander past native vegetation, parks and barbeque areas. Complete with a sports precinct and other facilities, The Cape will have everything you need in a well-planned modern community.

At The Cape, a serene paradise awaits.



Our vision is to create a benchmark for sustainable living in a location unlike any other. The Cape at Cape Paterson brings together the expertise of local builders and sustainability experts, to create a modern community that is one with the environment.


In designing The Cape we have reviewed various aspects of sustainability and livability alongside principles of ecological restoration and social cohesion. The Cape combines these values to bring you a truly exceptional lifestyle.

Energy efficient design

When you purchase land at The Cape, build your home from one of our 10 unique designs, each featuring 7.5-star energy efficient homes with highly efficient lights and appliances. Alternatively you can choose to customise your own based on our design guidelines. Some of the best builders and designers in Australia are on hand to help you build at The Cape. All homes will feature proper orientation, shading, glazing, insulation and more, to ensure year round comfort and reduce living costs. Your home will retain heat in winter and stay cool in summer, minimising the need for excessive cooling or heating.

Precious water

The use of rainwater will increase the availability of clean, fresh water in our community. In addition to mains water, all houses will feature at least 10,000 litres of rainwater storage for use in gardens and toilets, helping to create year-round water security. Excess stormwater will be redirected to collection ponds and filtered back through vegetation into groundwater and natural wetlands.

Clean energy

Each house at The Cape will have a minimum of 2.5 kilowatts of solar energy. Powered by the sun, the community will be capable of creating an annual surplus of clean energy. Electric vehicle charge points are also available for residents who want them.

Active lifestyle

The Cape will offer kilometres of walking and cycling paths, parks, a large village green, and an ampitheatre, as well as a sports precinct with barefoot bowls, bocce rink, beach volleyball court and a half basketball court. There will also be a conference facility with a community centre, café and seminar space.

Food gardens

As a resident at The Cape, you will have the opportunity to grow your own produce in our specially designed gardens if you choose. The café at The Cape’s Community Centre will also offer our residents delicious meals made from the freshest, locally grown produce.

Protecting natural habitats

A haven for nature lovers, The Cape is designed to coexist with natural Coastal Heathland and Banksia Woodland habitats. Along with local wildflower species, these habitats provide home to native wildlife such as echidnas, wallabies, kangaroos and countless bird species.


The Cape is the brainchild of Brendan Condon, a respected authority in the field of environmental restoration. He brings on board an award-winning team with strong credentials in sustainability and quality modern design, namely Small Giants, Archiblox, Martin Builders and TS Constructions.

Small Giants is a Melbourne-based company, with a track record in delivering modern, boutique, and sustainable developments. Founded by Danny Almagor and Berry Liberman, Small Giants recently completed The Commons, an iconic apartment complex in Brunswick, Melbourne, which won awards such as the 2014 State Architecture Awards for Sustainable Architecture and the 2014 Premier’s Design Awards.


Australian Ecosystems (AE) is an ecological restoration and landscape construction company based in Melbourne. The company specialises in restoration of wetland, grassland, woodland and coastal ecosystems, the construction of sustainable landscapes and urban food production. AE operates one of the largest indigenous plant nurseries in Australia, which produces several million plants annually for biodiversity projects.

TS Constructions is a respected Wonthaggi building company, and supporter of The Cape for a decade. They had significant input into the development of our designs and guidelines, and helped make beautiful, high quality, and carbon-neutral housing achievable and affordable. They recently won a raft of accolades at the Victorian Master Builder Awards for the South East Region, including Sustainable House of the Year.

ArchiBlox Prefabricating inspiring spaces, creating beautiful sustainable, healthy environment, and wellbeing. ArchiBlox brings you the very best in prefabricated modular architecture. Our streamlined approach to design and construction allows us to offer new builds and additions that deliver outstanding value matched with rapid completion and award winning style. Honoured as the ‘Third Most Innovative Architectural Business’ by Fast Company’s ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies list’ 2016.

Builders, innovators & change makers, Martin Builders represent the next generation of leaders in the building industry. With a mission to implement positive change in the world, Martin Builders continues to innovate and translate their knowledge into exceptional design and construction. Winners of Master Builder of the year, all of their homes are constructed to a premium quality with environmental sensitivity at the front of mind.